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Play something for Mom today…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the music moms out there! If that sounds like your mom, why not pick up your instrument and play something for her today? One of the best Mother’s Day gifts I ever got was when my girls put on a little private concert in the garden. They had just finished their first full year of¬†learning their instruments and were so proud to play their Book 1 pieces for me. They had even made a little program.


I was reminded yesterday, how busy moms and dads are when their kids are that age; running from the final concert, to another recital, or to the soccer game afterwards and then trying to make it to the older one’s play that evening. No kidding, these were actual people’s schedule yesterday. When we’re in the thick of it, maybe we don’t realize how quickly all this business will be over. Enjoy these precious times, moms, and hopefully a day¬†off-schedule today.