Intelli Metro-Tuner IMT2014


Intelli IMT204 Metronome and Chromatic Tuner.

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IMT204 Metronome and Tuner.

This compact tool is smaller than a pack of cards and has so many options Chromatic Tuner Features – A=430 to A=449 calibration for modern or period music. (N. America tunes to A=440, Europe tunes to 441-442). – Wide tuning Range: A0-B7 – Use two visual aids for a quick and accurate tune: A simulated needle meter on the large, widescreen LCD or an LED light that changes from yellow when flat, green for “in tune” and red to indicate sharp. – An excellent ear training aid for violin and other pitch-sensitive instruments: Practice playing slow scales, exercises and pieces in absolutely correct pitch.  Has 8-octave tuning range, effective for all pitch instruments. Guitar Tuner Features: same as the Chromatic feature, but only tunes EADGBE and eliminates confusion for string players.  Also very useful for violin or bass.