The Ukulele Way Book 2 – C6


The Ukulele Way, Book 2 by James Hill

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More than a method book…

At the heart of The Ukulele Way is a series of six books that teach you how to play melody, harmony and rhythm simultaniously. Renowned performer and teacher James Hill de-mystifies this musical juggling act step-by-step with clear, well-organized lessons, helpful exercises and a wide selection of repertoire.The Ukulele Way covers:

  • Scales and chords
  • Single, double and triple strums
  • Flatpicking
  • Fingerpicking
  • Combining melody and harmony
  • Arranging for solo ukulele
  • Improvisation and more!

Of course, technique without repertoire is no fun so The Ukulele Way includes a wide range of popular, traditional, jazz and classical arrangements, each recorded by the author on the Companion CD (included).

But that’s just the beginning. The Ukulele Way is much more than a method book. It’s also an interactive website, a library of tutorial videos and a community of learners and teachers. Find out more at

Book 1 covers The Open Strings; Melody, Harmony and Rhythm; Mystery Melodies; Understanding Voices. Acadian Lullaby, All Night Long and Roving Gambler and two variations of Shortnin’ Bread, are included with this book.

Books 1 and 2 are for beginners, books 3 and 4 intermediate and 5 and 6 advanced. (Books 5 and 6 will be coming shortly).